West Bank Shoreline Restoration

The West Bank of the Otonabee River between the Bata Library and Champlain College is being restabilized and renovated to create a safer and more sustainable shoreline. Our expert team of contractors will replace the outdated gabions with a durable armour stone wall, ensuring the long-term stability of our campus infrastructure. 

Enhancing Accessibility and Nurturing Connectivity

The new riverbank reconstruction promises more than just structural improvements; the design incorporates elements that will significantly enhance accessibility. The introduction of an accessible trail and additional stairs will facilitate better water access for recreational activities and Indigenous ceremony. The future expansion of Founders Walk will improve mobility across the campus and invite more visitors to explore Trent’s natural beauty.

Riverbank beside Bata Library

Fostering Environmental Stewardship

Numerous protective measures have been put in place to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding habitat. The use of turbidity curtains and regular monitoring of turbidity levels will help control sediment flow into the river. Moreover, the timing of the in-water work has been carefully planned to commence post-fish spawning season. Each step of our project, from studies and designs to work plans, has received the seal of approval from numerous regulatory bodies, including Trent Severn Waterway/Parks Canada, Otonabee Conservation, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. A ceremony for the land and water was conducted by an Elder from Curve Lake First Nation ahead of work beginning.

Small green shoot with dew.

Riverbank Restoration Partners

Following a competitive bid process, WSP Consulting emerged as the riverbank design experts. Drain Brothers, reputable contractors known for their commitment to quality, are spearheading the hands-on restoration. Together with Trent University, we look forward to unveiling a revitalized riverbank that harmonizes functionality, accessibility, and environmental stewardship, all while enhancing the natural beauty of our campus.

Yellow digger on a barge on the Otonabee River