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University-Integrated Seniors Village

Advancing intergenerational learning and living through a senior living community where older adults can stay engaged in life - long learning through multigenerational interactions, the arts, research opportunities, and campus life.

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Cleantech Commons

Creative academic and entrepreneurial collaborations driving discovery and innovation for a sustainable future. Focused on water and green technologies, Cleantech Commons champions innovators bringing new approaches and technologies to solve global environmental challenges.

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University Green Network

Connecting and protecting Nature Areas and green spaces to sustain current and future generations. Covering 60% of the Symons Campus, this interconnected ecosystem of diverse landscapes provides opportunities for learning and discovery on the land.

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Trent Research Farm

We’re planting the seeds for a sustainable campus community through productive landscapes such as the Trent Research Farm. The new farm provides an inspiring space for land-based learning and research while contributing to on-campus food security and protecting biodiversity.

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RDC Student Housing

Residence Development Corporation leasing land from Trent University to build additional student housing for upper-year students.

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West Bank Shoreline Restoration

The West Bank of the Otonabee River between the Bata Library and Champlain College is being restabilized and renovated to create a safer and more sustainable shoreline. Our expert team of contractors will replace the outdated gabions with a durable armour stone wall, ensuring the long-term stability of our campus infrastructure. 

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Supporting Local Salamanders

Trent University has undertaken a unique construction project to support the migratory movements of local salamanders. A simple but innovative redesign of road curbs is transforming how these amphibians move across campus, fostering biodiversity and ecological harmony.

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North-End Peterborough Battery Storage Project

As part of its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Trent is considering an agreement to lease a portion of its lands on the Symons Campus to allow for the creation of a battery energy storage system. The project would add to a host of environmental initiatives, sustainability projects and research led by the University, and would advance affordable and efficient energy helping to advance Ontario’s path to a net-zero future. 

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