North-End Peterborough Battery Storage Project

As part of its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Trent is considering an agreement to lease a portion of its lands on the Symons Campus to allow for the creation of a battery energy storage system. The project would add to a host of environmental initiatives, sustainability projects and research led by the University, and would advance affordable and efficient energy helping to advance Ontario’s path to a net-zero future. 

The Need for Sustainable Electricity

To address increasing demand for electricity and to offset supply challenges with the retirement and refurbishment of existing nuclear generating units, the coordinator of Ontario’s electricity system, IESO, has launched a competitive process to support projects that include battery energy storage systems.  


Battery energy storage systems store energy overnight when the provincial grid is producing the lowest cost and lowest carbon energy. This stored energy can then provide power at strategic times when the Ontario system operators typically turn to gas-fired generation to meet high demand for electricity.  


These battery energy storage systems assist in the transition to sustainable energy, the conversion to electric energy, and help reduce the carbon footprint. 

Environmental Leadership at Trent

The North-End Peterborough Storage project aligns with Trent’s reputation as a world-leading environmental university, our focus on campus sustainability, and striving to reduce our overall carbon footprint. It will also help manage the increasing costs of electricity and energy for the campus. The project goals align with the guiding principles of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan and the system would increase Ontario’s electricity storage and support grid reliability. 

Project Background and Next Steps

  • Ameresco and Atura Power are the proponents working to bring this project to reality on land leased from Trent.
  • The University, together with the proponents, have identified approximately 10-20 acres along the hydro corridor on the East Bank as an optimal location for this project due to its proximity to transmission infrastructure.
  • This parcel of land was studied as part of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan and was found to have low or no environmental constraints and is designated for future University use.
  • Ameresco and Atura Power will submit a bid to the province by December 12, 2023, and if selected, will engage in formal consultation with Indigenous communities, conduct environmental and archaeological studies, and obtain regulatory approval before the project can proceed. 

Learn More

This project is being led by Atura Power. To learn more visit the project webpage at or email