Trent Research Farm

The Trent Farm is a pioneering facility in climate-smart agriculture, providing leadership in sustainable farming practices, local food security, and environmental research.

An inspiring space for land-based learning and research

The Trent Farm is a hub for learning and discovery, providing community networking spaces, employment, and volunteer opportunities for students, all while serving as a source of fresh seasonal food for the Trent community. It also offers opportunities for sharing intergenerational and Indigenous knowledges.

An inspiring space for land-based learning and research

A history of growing change

Since its inception in 2014, the Trent Farm has been a learning landscape. Relocating to the south side of Pioneer Road, the expanded farm location allows for long-term research and better built and natural infrastructure, including water regulation and a barn, to support food production, research and learning.

A history of growing change

A place of research and discovery

Current and upcoming research projects include Trent research teams who are:

  • partnering with V6Agronomy to develop sustainable fertilizers. 

  • using the farm to develop tools that can help farmers make quantitative assessments about how effectively they are sequestering carbon into their soil.

  • conducting a study to determine wollastonite's potential to sequester CO2 and boost agriculture.

Woman working on a laptop at a research station on the Trent farm